Sitekit CMS

Third Party Integration

The greatest strength of the Sitekit content management system is its flexibility. You can use Sitekit as the basis for more or less any online activity. 

Flexibility means extensibility. It’s easy to integrate Sitekit with your own backend systems. Got an existing customer database or business logic system? No problem. Sitekit doesn’t work around your existing technology – it works with it to deliver powerful results. Using Sitekit’s powerful XML-handling capabilities you can bring your existing systems to a powerful web front end with surprisingly little hassle. 

If you need a specific web application – say an online email system, or a booking engine – data generated by a Sitekit powered page or form can be accessed and manipulated via the system’s API. Sitekit exports data as standards-compliant XML, an internationally recognised standard that makes development and maintenance easy. 

Whatever you need to do online, you can do with Sitekit – and Creative Partners is the team that can help you make the most of it. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of how we can get Sitekit working for you.

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