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Sitekit CMS is built from the ground up with online promotion in mind. It boasts a range of features that help you to achieve the best possible rankings in the search engines. 

Below are some of the SEO features that Sitekit offers. If you’re not interested in jargon and just want to discuss how Sitekit can improve your prospects in Google, give us a call! 

  • Sitekit makes sure that each page of your site has a plain English, search engine-friendly URL, overcoming the problems search engines run into when trying to index database-driven sites.
  • You can help search engines index your site by automatically generating XML sitemaps from within Sitekit.
  • All metatags can be edited, including the crucial “description” tag, which pops up with your page title in the search engine results.
  • Metatags can autofilled. If you forget to set the tags for any one page, Sitekit automatically inserts the tags from its parent page.
  • Run one website with multiple URLs – without getting labelled a spammer by Google. Sitekit’s promotion-based domain handling enables you to allow indexing on specific domains or to enforce permanent or temporary forwarding to a single master domain.
  • Promotional table – Sitekit allows you to view and edit all the elements required for effective SEO using one simple form. So instead of spending hours messing about with HTML, you can get your site optimised quickly and easily from within your Sitekit control panel.
  • You can even measure how successful your optimisation work has been. The reports section of your control panel contains a continually updated count of the last time your site was indexed by Google. 

Contact us to find out more about how Sitekit can revolutionise your SEO efforts.


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