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If you’re maintaining a complex, important website, good reporting is essential. You need to know who is doing what, and when: crucially, you need to know if any of your visitors are having problems or failing to find key sections of your site. 

Needless to say, Sitekit excels when it comes to generating reports about your users’ and administrators’ activities. Reporting features include: 

  • Who’s on - allows you to look at the browsing patterns of users that are currently looking at your site. You can see how long they have been on your site and the navigation paths they have taken. 
  • Promotion view. The Sitekit CMS system is designed to offer search engines exactly what they want. The promotion view brings together all the information you need to produce a coherent and consistent SEO strategy. 
  • Audit Trial – an extremely powerful tool that is particularly useful for multiple sites. It allows your site editors to return to a previous version of any editorial page on the site.

    The administrator can look at all the edits done in a specific period and see how a particular page version has changed over time and which user has made the change. 

    Content from older pages can be rolled back over previous versions with a click of the mouse. Audit trails are also available at the bottom of every page, news item and template allowing more immediate access to the last five version of content. 

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