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 Including news updates on your website is important for two key reasons:

  • Visitors love news. It shows them that a site is ‘live’ and regularly maintained, and keeps them up-to-date with the latest information about your business or organisation without them having to hunt around for it.
  • Search engines love news. The more often you update your site, the more often search engines will come back to it and index your content. Google, in particular, shows a strong preference for sites that feature regular news updates. 

The Sitekit CMS News system is fantastically flexible and easy to integrate. You can… 

  • Update news stories quickly and easily, or automate them to be posted at particular times.
  • Auto-archive stories, so that once a news item is out of date it is transferred to an easily-accessible archive page rather allowed to vanish.
  • Add images to news articles with minimum fuss.
  • Create RSS feeds for your news, so that visitors can subscribe and have your news delivered direct to them via a feed reader or service such as Feedburner or Netvibes.
  • Create news items from an external RSS feed – synchronise your website home page with your business’s Facebook status or Twitter feed. 

With news as with so many other features, Sitekit CMS offers the ultimate in flexibility for busy, ambitious businesses and organisations. Click here to get in touch and find out how Creative Partners can integrate Sitekit into your website!

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