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Do you want your customers to be able to send you information? Interactivity is key to capturing information about your customers and building strong relationships with the.

The Sitekit CMS makes it easy to create interactive forms without any programming knowledge. Whether you want a simple feedback form or a complex interface, it’s dead simple with Sitekit!

The Sitekit CMS forms module is customisable, extensible and easy to use and includes plenty of options for data entry, including drop down lists, tick boxes, explanatory text, radio buttons and text areas. You can easily create sophisticated multi-page secure forms for more sensitive information.

Once you’ve captured input from your users you can do an enormous amount with it – export it to an application or database, send out autoresponse emails, chop it, juggle it, integrate it, manipulate it… with Sitekit the world’s your oyster!

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