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Accessiblity and Compliance Standards

Sitekit is standards-compliant and accessible. Use it to power your website, and you can be sure that your business or organisation is working within laws such as the Disability Discrimination Act.

If you’re handling sensitive financial information, Sitekit is compliant with standards of user data security laid down by the Financial Services Authority.  

The code generated by Sitekit CMS is W3C compliant and produces a Bobby AA / Watchfire / web exact compliant site. It is compliant with both HTML 4.01 and XHMTL 1.0 transitional, ensuring your content is both back-compatible across older browsers and fit for delivery to web TV and mobile devices – which will become increasingly important. 

Scroll down for some more technical details about Sitekit’s accessibility features. If you’ve read enough, get in touch to discuss your needs direct! 

  • Sitekit CMS will allow your users to toggle all of their pages over to a text only version at any time. The text-only version removes all graphic elements and reorders the layout to bring content to the top of the page. 
  • Users can also alter the colours, fonts and background to suit individual needs. This format is suitable for visually impaired individuals browsing with text-to-speech browsers. A user’s viewing preferences are stored in a cookie so they are retained on subsequent visits.  
  • Sitekit CMS provides a Bobby AAA pop-out navigation option as well as improving in-site navigation with consistent child links, navigational alt tags and intuitive site maps. 
  • All user-generated forms are made compliant by grouping input fields with associated labels tags, conforming to the correct ordering of radio button and checkbox element and supporting the ‘field set’ tag and label (for grouping semantically similar form elements). 
  • Sitekit creates your site using table-less mark-up. The individual textual blocks are displayed alongside each other through the use of <DIV> tags and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This type of layout adapts easier to today’s multiple screen resolutions and helps compliance with accessibility legislation. Such designs are sometimes referred to as ‘flow’ or ‘liquid layouts’. 
  • As an option Sitekit CMS allows you to use an X-standard enforcing text editor, that prevents your users from adding any content that breaches accessibility and W3C standards. 

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